Sexually transmitted diseases among United Kingdom youths

Instead of viewing the condom as an interruption, it can be incorporated into the fun and games. For instance, letting her roll it on, at the same time using her fingers to stroke and stimulate, can make the practical side of an encounter much more erotic. Applying a latex-friendly lube can also add to a sensual atmosphere.

Please note that having unprotected sex is never a good idea because it leaves you wide open to the threat and risk of acquiring a STD such as Chlamydia or herpes. These are painful, but the reason that they are of particular concern is due to the fact that they leave the victim at a higher risk of acquiring the HIV infection.

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A significant proportion of the population may be engaging in unhealthy sexual practices and as much as it involves morality issues, premarital sex, extramarital affairs and promiscuity are prevalent in this age wherein liberty and freedom of choice are emphasized. As early as the teenage years, adolescents may engage in sexual relations although unaware of its ensuing consequences. In the same manner, there are reckless adults who indulge in unhealthy sexual affiliations enjoying the benefits yet choosing to be oblivious to its risks. The greatest threat and consequence of unhealthy sexual practices and all the more becoming prevalent is STD or sexually transmitted disease.

Unfortunately, they are not. Though condoms are the first line of defense against STDs and pregnancy, they still need to be used properly. Studies have found that condoms are about 99% effective against the transmission of STD’s when used correctly. Expired condoms should never be used, as the material may have started to deteriorate, so if the use-by date is passed, toss them. Condoms also need to be stored properly. They should never be allowed to get too hot or too cold as that may damage the integrity of the material, nor should the package be bent or crumpled. Avoid storing them in a steamy bathroom, a glove compartment or a wallet, as an improperly stored condom is more likely to fail.

Always make sure the clitoris is properly lubricated before you touch it. This can be a turn-off to some women and downright painful for others. You can either use her natural lubrication, saliva, or a water-based lubricant.

Some sexually transmitted infections can be passed on orally, so it’s a good idea to put on a condom for oral sex. Flavoured condoms would be the same strength as well as gone through the same rigorous testing as the normal condoms so you shouldn’t worry about it at all. There is a chance of the condom breaking or tearing if the girl is actually biting or chewing on the condom as part of the oral sex. It is a good idea to change the condom before vaginal penetration. In addition, flavoured condoms that contain sugar could throw off the pH level inside of a girl’s vagina (leading to yeast infections), so make sure they are sugar-free!